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Step by step

where do we go from here

gravity started a job on my looks

time made one thing clear

the consequence of every step I took

nothing remains the same

a relief when you feel you are stuck

or when you try in vain

to speed up the pace

when the going gets tough


happiness comes and goes

when you run it’s harder to get

can be right before your nose

or one step aside or even one back

a game of win or lose

it depends on where you place your bets

but no matter what you choose

you can win with the very next step


time held it’s breath

only the pounding of your heart

after autumn has left

you wait till winter’s gone

to come back to your senses

and spring brings you new chances

to move on


you cherish every tear

added up to a brand new start

I overcame my fears

without being torn too much apart

something is in the air

I walk on solid ground

and the beauty of it all’s

to win with both up and down

and the best is yet to come

but step by step


back in my seat again

it is a brand new start

either slow or fast

the road to choose

goes thru’ the heart

and the best is yet to come

but step by step


ooo move on

step by step by step

either slow or fast

step by step by step

you got to move on…………..