Here’s my story in a short and a long version.

oh and a short dutch version at the bottom!


Short version:


Sylvi Lane: vocalist, songwriter, improvisor, vocal coach,

at  the jazz vocal department at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

She sings and writes music rooted in the Jazz and Soul tradition.

Her first album ‘In the palm of my hand’ was released in 1996:

on it mainly originals in a contemporary jazz style.

The music was adventurous and intellectual and full of energy.

Throughout the years she gave concerts with duo’s, ( big-) bands,

touring clubs, theatres and  festivals.

Besides performing and writing she coaches, since ’88,  talents from all over the world

at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and she gives workshop in the Netherlands

and abroad. 

‘The questions I always ask myself and my students :

What is your true passion in a song,  in your voice, in playing with your fellow musicians,

and how do you share that passion with your audience.

Over the years she developed a more ‘from the gut’ style

of writing, singing and performing.

As you can hear on her album that was released in  2010: ‘the SOULSILLY Xperience’.

And the newest album released in 2018, a mix of Soul and Folk: SOULSILLY TALES.


Somewhere around the end of 2018 she started painting because

she felt that urge to express herself in that way too:

telling stories in images, in colours. It resulted in an unstoppable flow of inspiration.

She dug in deep. Painting, writing music, performing: it’s all coming from that same source.


Long version:



Rehearsing bands, music instruments and wires all over the place,

the stage, the smell of the red velvet curtains, numerous concerts,

great memories of my childhood, of the club ran by my parents.

There and then I breathed in and out the live atmosphere of music and theatre.


Back then it was called ‘Improvised music’ , main subject singing,

at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.

It was fertile soil for my musical and personal growth.

All about being adventurous and renewing with

well known musical structures. Free spirited so to say.

Here I also started writing music: my inner need to create and express.


Aretha, Chaka, Gladys, Betty Carter, Sarah, Miles, Prince, Joni:

thank you for being so inspiring!

My very first band was, YES, a soulband.

From then on I sang jazz, soul, pop and blues.

In various formations from duo to bigbands, in clubs, theatres,

festivals such as the North Sea Jazz Festival; throughout Europe.

I worked with well known producers in studios, singing leaders for TV.

It is richness: so many great musicians with whom I have the privelege

to work with and be inspired by.

I feel the absolute urge to sing and perform.

How special it is to create a special atmosphere with the band and

the audience, to experience the music together:

that’s what I call the SOULSILLY Xperience!


After graduating from the Conservatory of Amsterdam I was invited to

teach Jazz singing at that very same school.

The Conservatory has since then developed into an international school:

talk about inspiriation:-)

Since 2012 I also became coördinator of the vocal department.

I also taught Pop-singing for 4 years at the Conservatory

of Haarlem and absolutely loved it!

Over the years I’ve led workshops and given masterclasses in Holland, Belgium,

Liechtenstein, Norway:

Jazz and Pop for vocalists as well as for bands.

The questions I always ask myself and therefor my students :

What is your true passion in a song,  in your voice, in playing with your fellow musicians,

and how do you share that passion with your audience.

Composer and lyricist:

My album ‘In the palm of my hand’ was from my contemporary Jazz period of writing:

With a.o. Michiel Borstlap-keys, Anton Drukker- double bass, Joost Lijbaart-drums.

released in ’95. Lyrics, not so much about romantic love but more about personal insights.

The music was adventurous and intellectual and full of energy.

Over the years I developed a more ‘from the gut’ style of writing and 

singing and performing.

In 2010 I released my second album ‘the SOULSILLY Xperience’.

With Rembrandt Frerichs on keys and Hammond, Phaedra Kwant -basses,

Haye Jellema- drums.

On this album all my original compositions are a mix of Soul and Jazz.

My newest songs, you can hear on the upcoming album, are the mix of

Soul and Folk: Songs from the soul.

This album is released in 2018!


Since the end of 2018 the combination Music and Painting as a new performance form is taking shape.


Korte nederlandse versie:


Sylvi Lane: vocalist, songwriter, improvisator, vocal coach

Zij zingt en schrijft muziek rooted in de jazz en soul traditie.

Eigen projecten met als belangrijke eerste opstap in 1996

de  ‘In the palm of my hand-tour’  langs theaters, clubs, North Sea Jazz Festival .

Deze eerste CD  ‘In the palm of my hand’   kun je omschrijven als contemporary Jazz.

Door de jaren heen treedt zij op met verschillende formaties,

van duo tot bigband; in clubs, in theater, op festivals.

Daarnaast coacht zij talenten from all over the world

aan het Conservatorium van Amsterdam

en geeft zij workshops en masterclasses in binnen- en buitenland.

Door de jaren heen heeft zij meer en meer een ‘from the gut’-stijl van schrijven,

zingen en performen ontwikkeld zoals te horen op de cd uit 2010: ‘the SOULSILLY Xperience’

En de laatste plaat gereleased in 2018 is een mix van Soul en Folk: SOULSILLY TALES.


Een nieuwe liefde is het schilderen waarmee zij is begonnen eind 2018.

Het voelde als een absolute noodzaak om ook op die manier zich te uiten,

de verhalen te vertellen in kleuren en beelden.

Een niet te stoppen inspiratie flow.

Componeren, performen, schilderen: het komt allemaal

uit die zelfde bron.

had the provilege to be on this positive podast by Eddie Conard!!
happy talk 🙂 thank you Eddie.