It’s the rhythm of mankind that,

in love, all men are blind

tho’ we’ve conquered ages we fool our minds

there’s no need for self-defense

love runs faster than we can

and when two hearts beat as one

what can be done


people live bigger lives

when they don’t take for granted

what they feel inside


you think you know right from wrong

you think knowledge makes you strong

but you cannot pretend you know it all

you look for a silvery line

when you need colour to survive

now what good can come from all the grief inside


people need bigger hearts

if there’s a vacancy in their souls

so what can be done


it’s a burden of the soul

when you love but cannot show

this could be your only chance 

for all you know


when nothing’s what it seems

truth can give you a start

it can mend your dreams

and your broken heart

when you’re head over heels

you know you have your weak spot

now don’t you feel the need 

to be with


‘people who live bigger lives

when they know they are not alone

it’s the rhythm of mankind

it’s the rhythm of the heart